Employee Assistance Programmes

Clients are rapidly realising that not only do they need effective stress management initiatives in place, but also it is clearly in their interests to protect and improve the well-being of employees. Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), with support and counselling services are therefore increasingly a “must have” low cost addition to the benefit package with real advantage to both employer and employee.

Independent research by CBI, HSE and MRS and legal advice indicates that:

  • 20% of the UK working population is highly stressed
  • 6000 stress litigations a year with settlements averaging £50,000
  • 50% of workplace absences are stress related
  • 60% of employees are coping with major life events and are losing working time in dealing with these

Alpha Healthcare offers a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme package of services and by our bulk purchasing power means a low best value price otherwise only available to major PLCs. Services offered include:

  • Telephone counselling service – Unlimited access, 24/7, confidential and professional
  • Face to face counselling – National network with specialist help and advice
  • Information and advice – Debt, consumer issues, tax, child and dependent care
  • Online information website – An interactive member website to support staff in dealing with and preparing for life’s day to day challenges

Employer advantages

  • Potential return on investment of 14 to 1
  • Unlikely to be in breach of duty or care to employees and therefore a robust defence against employee claims for work related stress, victimisation, bullying or harassment
  • 34% less absence can be seen
  • Earlier detection and intervention for high risk cases of alcohol/ or drug dependency, perceived bullying or harassment
  • Improved general functioning level of staff
  • Increased levels of morale
  • Improved private medical insurance profile through reduced health risks
  • 50% reduction in stress levels may be achieved
  • Enhanced benefit package encouraging staff retention and recruitment

Employee advantages

All members of the employee household can use the service for specialist help and counselling to help deal with major life events which can cause stress and anxiety – examples:

  • Buying a new home – mortgages, solicitors, surveys, costs, estate agents
  • Getting married – budgeting, guest list, venues, organisation, family friction
  • Having children – pregnancy, birth, difficult teenagers, childcare, adopting
  • Managing money – budgeting, managing dept, credit cards, savings, tax
  • Family crisis – bereavement, caring for relative, legal, disputes
  • Personal crisis – divorce, separation, infertility, miscarriage, abuse
  • Staying healthy – your body, stress, nutrition, smoking and drinking
  • Illness – diagnosis, terminal illness, depression, car accident, addiction.