Evacuation Cover

Available as an option, worldwide emergency evacuation should treatment not be able to take place locally.

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We can provide you with a policy to help you satisfy sometimes confusing regulations abroad as well as being there when you need it.

Working Abroad or Expats

Whether you are going on an overseas assignment for work or looking to permanently relocate abroad, we can provide you with a range of quotes that suit your circumstances.
International Health Insurance is a private healthcare policy to cover an extended period based overseas (usually six months or greater) or by expatriates permanently based overseas. The policy usually covers medical treatment in an overseas medical facility. Each country has their own rules and regulations on what conditions must be covered and what benefits a policy must provide.

Some countries have very strict rules regarding what jurisdiction the insurance can be written in and also specific benefits such as maternity cover or rules surrounding underwriting. It is best to get advice before you travel or send your employees on an overseas assignment.

We can help you source the correct cover which is compliant in the country you are sending employees to or are residing in as an expatriate.

With often no alternative to private healthcare and possible demands at point of treatment for evidence of insurance quality cover is vital. There are also areas of International Health Insurance that is not usual to be covered on a traditional UK based Private Medical Insurance policy, such as:

  • Chronic Conditions Cover
  • Prescription Costs
  • Maternity Costs
  • Transferring to a country that can provide the degree of quality medical treatment required
  • Repatriation to the UK
  • 24-hour multi lingual helpline and payment of claims in local currency.

We can also advise you on cover for local nationals on a group policy, and on underwriting requirements in different jurisidictions.

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International Health Insurance
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